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Shine Time Music Therapy

Please fill out the enrolment form by following the link above if you would like to get started. Or feel free to call for a chat.

We are a caring professional music therapy service providing home visits to families that have children and adults with special needs in the Brisbane and Ipswich greater regions. We acknowledge there is a growing need for a home service to minimise the challenges a family may have with coordinating multiple therapy sessions, travel time and quality family time. We are a team of compassionate and experienced Registered Music Therapists who want to connect and assist with your child to meet therapy goals whilst having fun, and inspire them to shine and be the best they can be.



Our Approach

Shine Time Music Therapy provides a fun, safe, nurturing, and musical environment for your child to truly shine, reveal their gifts, and be encouraged to develop in areas of need.
Individual, family or small group sessions are available. Other requests such as sessions with friends, siblings, playgroups or school visits can be organised to help work on important goals such as social skills.
Firstly, your music therapist will identify with you the key therapy goals for your child. This simply involves having an initial chat with your therapist about your child’s needs and then organising two music therapy assessment sessions. From this process, your therapist will write up an assessment form to identify the key therapy goals, which will then become the foundation of the ongoing music therapy program.
Key therapy goals may include self-expression, social skills, coordination, language skills, greater awareness of self, creativity, exploration of music and all while having fun.
Sessions are structured to create a range of activities that work towards the therapy goals that have been identified. An example session may include a greeting song, singing, dancing, playing instruments, action songs, improvisation, relaxation and a good bye song.
If you have any enquiries regarding NDIS funding, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


Composing Music

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a profession where music is used as a support to improve health, functioning and well being. Music therapists are musicians who have trained at university to understand how music can have an effect on behaviors, feeling and thinking. Music therapists create and help achieve client goals that will be worked on during the therapy sessions. These goals might be communication goals, social goals, movement goals, mood and feelings goals. In a music therapy session people might sing, play instruments, dance, perform, listen and talk about music. Some of the places music therapists work in are schools, day services, community centers, hospitals and in clients homes. Music therapy sessions might be individual or in a group.


Who is a Music Therapist?

A Registered Music Therapist (RMT) is…

Registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association and bound by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of AMTA Inc. (
A proficient musician with a broad knowledge of specific models of intervention, music, and highly developed practical music skills


A qualified therapist whose training has included the theoretical and practical applications of music therapy in addition to six months clinical training in a variety of settings. A Registered Music Therapist has successfully completed music therapy training courses accredited by the AMTA Inc.

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